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Frequently asked questions
Q: How quickly can the process be done?

A: In certain circumstances we can exchange contracts in 24 hours. The average exchange takes 7-10 working days from when you contact us.

Q: Why can you buy a property so quickly?

A: We have the funds and the in-house skills to proceed straight away. There are no delays waiting for mortgage companies, estate agents, surveyors or solicitors.

Q: Do you survey my property?

A: We are property specialists and usually have the skills to determine the structural integrity of your building. If we do decide to survey the property it would be one of our private surveyors and would take place within days.

Q: How do I benefit using you rather than my estate agent?

A: No waiting, no chasing and a guaranteed offer. You will also be saving on your estate agents fees that are likely to be 2-3% of the value of your home.

Q: What fees do I pay?

A: No fees what so ever.

Q: What type of properties do you buy?

A: We buy properties of all ages, in all conditions and in any circumstances.

Q: I have received a valuation but what if I don't want to sell today?

A: No problem, just keep us in mind for the future. We can also delay the final part of the sale if it would help with your timescale. Our service would suit someone who just wants the assurance of an agreed sale and then enjoy a stronger bargaining position when looking for another property.

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